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taking things for granted

... is easy... my parents retired to the golf community of myrtle beach. it was common for us to travel from myrtle to charleston about twice a month. during the pleasant seasons, sometimes year round, you would see the handiwork of local artisans if the bad/cold weather held off along route 17.

i was surprised to read today in the newsgroups an article the services picked up regarding the gullah and their folk art if you call their basket weaving folk art, i do, and i don't mean to be insulting...

seagrass is woven into these decorative (these days) mostly covered baskets by persons who are generally taught the craft by their elders. the baskets originated as rice baskets produced for functionality, and practicality by the enslaved early in south carolina's history - those persons enslaved to harvest the rice grown in the coastal marshy areas.

the article can be found here: Nearby Marsh Grass Threatened

and then there is the galivants ferry stump. no, not a tree stump. no pine or oak here... but a political meeting originally open only to white male democrats. an article states now anyone can attend, but only democrats are allowed to "stump" or speak.

here is a more thorough explanation: Galivants Ferry Stump Explained

that article reminded me of one of my parent's neighbors on the golf course (thank you mrs. chapin) adjoining my parents home who brought over a "chicken bog". i was cautiously curious, as it smelled delicious, but i could not readily identify all of the ingredients. background and recipes are included on this page: Chicken Bog by Edward B. Borden
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