Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue


oh, so i went out on the bike with the bf tonight. we ended up at some "hot wing" sort of place, but they were texas style not buffalo and if you ask a new yorker what they prefer they most certainly would say they prefer the buffalo variety. to be honest, the hot ones i ordered, were edible but i would have preferred having the ones in albany at the place MP took me to, but that may have been because those were accompanied by pitchers of beer instead of iced tea.

the suzuki intruder vs 1400, whatever the heck that really means. i was just informed the VS stands for "very special", and i shall add in my silly mood very special certainly fits, like, you know, how very special means with the word education added at the end.

seriously, as much as i like my brain intact as much as possible and avoid more brain surgeries sort of like how i would avoid the plague.... i can't help it but i love the acceleration say from 0 mph to 40 or so.

it isn't a "sport" bike but it's as fast and fun as i think i could manage on my own if i had my cycle endorsement here.
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