Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

spleen update

so my spleen was 3.4ths removed. everybody say ouch.. but i of course have the narcotics and stuff and if i feel worse i go to er for admission. usually they keep a person at least an overnight, but i guess they think i know enough to call for help if i need it. or rather, can spot signs of needing help other than an assisted walk to the ambulette or personal vehicle that transports me. i only have have one long incision and 3 smaller ones less than a half inch each, most about a quarter inch. laparoscopic surgery is the way to go if an option.

just can't lift anything over 5 lbs for a month? yeah, right, of course, EVERYTHING seems to be 5 lbs or more... i may carry my keys. :P

if my pain and blood counts continue to deteriorate,well, the pain part portion of my annoyance would not deteriorates (i mean increase with that) they will take the rest of it, but they said with the mri and ct scans with contrast that the remaining portion has working areas and food blood flow and "recycle" and that is a definite plus.

so now i can "splain ("spleen") it so even *i* can understand it.
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