Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

darn it.

i have misplaced/lost my wallet... it contained all my ids - the va medical center one *most important*, my driver's license, my sc LTC, and various credit/debit cards. they all have been reported, but it just bugs me because i will probably find it tomorrow. of course, one always finds things the last place they look... and it contained a saint jude thaddeus devotional card. i have about 7 of them in various places, one in the lost wallet, one on my bedside table, one used as a bookmark in my bible, and one in my truck, and then a few here and there... hopeless causes? eek.

and i need the ids because i have to go on a trip starting sunday night, out of state, and i am overly anxious about it... then again, i am overly anxious about everything.

if one is beheaded post postmortem, i wonder what difference it makes. of course, if you are alive and alert while being beheaded, that is a totally different thing, but you know, once you're dead, you're dead. i don't think your spirit has feelings of pain or anguish. but what do i know.

oh, and my bf's high school yearbook directory called. apparently i spoke to them awhile ago, and i said he belonged to a few places i did... he found it amusing, thankfully, because i said i was his housekeeper. heh.

what i find amusing is that the place my parents belonged to, the country club people, decided to keep me on their roster despite my lack of resources. so the bf was a member too. my high schools only lists your name or married name if you prefer and your phone number if you wish, and/or address.

and a hermit crab (i think it's a hermit crab) shed his shell, and the other little crabs in the salt tank are fighting over his old shell. it's weird seeing him/it without the shell since they normally shed their old shells and get into new ones usually within about 2 or 3 hours. i never watch the tank that long, i do other things, like, taking my dog out to walk.

i fight (not really) with bf about the fish tanks... i am not a fan of so much algae in them you can't see the fish... now, i mean, some algae is good, as some of the critters eat algae as a primary food source. but there are rocks and other plants, live and plastic, that alee grow on... so those critters can eat from those, the glass of the aquarium do not need a quarter inch of it on all surfaces. so, in the tank he says is mine, i remove most of the algae on the glass with those magnetic algae remover things... and on "his" tank i remove the algae on the front glass and leave it on the other 3 walls.

i have to say the bf is great with trauma or stuff that is considered very upsetting... like when i passed out at the walmart and had a seizure. he says he loves me and i wonder why he does when all i do is cause him to spend more money rather than putting it in his ira, or i cause him annoyance as i am not my normal cheerful self.

and i forgot to eat today. i have to remind myself to do so, because the meds make me sleepy, rather than not hungry, and therefore, i sleep instead of eat. then i wake up at like, 4 am and feel hungry, but am too lazy/drowsy to get up and go fix something.

i recall a long long time ago, when i was like, maybe 14, and taking the NY state EMT class... they teach you about hazmat stuff... so like, growing up in dairy farm country, you would see tankers of milk, instead of petroleum products. if milk gets into the water supply, it causes HUGE problems... so, milk, is considered hazardous cargo.
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