Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

small but great positive events.

oh so i found the long lost wallet. it was in the laundry basket i keep on the top of the dryer, that i throw stuff like clean, dry underwear, face cloths, or things i normally have no patience nor senseability to fold and put away. of course, as i stated previously, it WAS in the last place i looked, even after calling the local wally world, thinking i left it behind - last time i KNOW i had it in hand.

and, my bf rocks. he just spent about way too much at wherehouse music. i got some bob mould and nina simone among others. and i have clerk racking his brain to figure out who some female jazz singer is who died about 14 years ago or so, overseas, as a lounge singer type/live performer, and then became quite popular, as before she was virtually unknown here in the states. of course, she had to die to become popular.

oh, and her last name i think begins with a "C". this isn't a quiz, i really just can't recall her name. unfortunate since she is great.

and um, so the cds for the trip to see my mom. to pass the time. so i don't bother the unfortunate person next to me who would otherwise be forced to endure my endless query about nothing in particular. and i talk to strangers when i shouldn't. my mom and dad told me not to. but i did. and i still do. sometimes i even tell bad jokes, bad as in just silly ones, not offensive to anyone.

like. did you hear about morrison? the guy from the zoo who was a total screw up? (screw up can be interchanged with poor worker). anyhow, morrison was given one last task as a test, one that his supervisor was POSITIVE he couldn't accomplish. when morrison shows up the next day, the manager tells morrison he has to transport 3 dozen of their penguins to the next city's zoo, as part of an exchange student for penguins sort of thing. he had to get them there and dropped off and return to his normal zoo with the transport truck before noon. just getting to the other zoo would take about 3 hours. then the drive back, like i said, impossible.

well, morrison, with a smile on his face, returns triumphantly at 12:04. he pulls his animal transport vehicle into the proper parking area, and reports back to his manager, still smiling broadly.

his manager, looking at his watch, is about to fire morrison. so he starts out saying "well, since you didn't return by noon, you are filed". morrison retorts, "i may not have reported back by noon, but i got those penguins to the zoo bright and early. we had so much fun at the zoo, i decided to take them to the cinema too, therefore, i was a bit late, but it was well worth it, we had so much fun."

the manager hangs his head and cries.

so, see, i can drive the person unfortunate enough to sit next to me batty.

i must be entertained another way, therefore, the cds.
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