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more silly things i have done and ignazio my husband. :P

back when i carried a federal id and yeah, sometimes a concealed weapon, i met a nice guy who worked as a bartender.

in a not so nice place. a place a young lady shouldn't really go to. you know, biker bar or stuff like that.

anyhow, the bartender "friend", is and was, a swell guy... but i had gone out with him a few times. we got along fine and had fun. he made me laugh and i swear to any higher authority that we watched the following films at his house...

muholland drive (david lynch weirdness, especially the cowboy under the mercury vapor lights?)  mercury vapor lights give off a eery kind of illumination even on a good light night. 

edward sissorhands (he never saw it) and i love the oddness of the cupcake frosting colors of the 1960's colored housing development)

what's eating gilbert grape (johnny depp, ok, i like him)

stealing beauty (i made him only because of the italian guy ignazio olivia) but just look, i think he's like, sooo hot.   and these are not the best photos i have seen, just ones i could find online quickly.    and if i found him in my trick or treat bag he better just be treat or i'll hurt someone.  :D

i am so infatuated with him because he is handsome,but more than that, the image of an "intense" person stays with me.  i am a sucker for an intense, artistic, intelligent (he is multi lingqual and has obtained masters in performing arts and also classical literature in french, italian, greek and english). i don't care if he doesn't like math, because i am much better than i need to be for both of us.  :-D

so no funny business during or after other than a little kneecking (kissing with kneees only touching) maybe during breaks for getting the corkscrew and vacuum thing for the wine or something.

anyhow he knows i work/ed for the feds.

so i ask him (since he's a bartender) if he knows any bookies i could conduct some personal business with. (serious)  if you know odds and spread stuff, or if you knew as much as i did  a little bet here and there (besides the illegal crap unless you're in certain jurisdictions) it can net you a tidy sum for a new pair of high tops or something.

he would not tell me of anyne in his aquaintance.  even though i assured him i wold never arrest or otherwise bother the person.  i said i wasn't evem interested in prosectuting that bookie's boss.  (and i wasn't). 

well, the bf didn't/wouldn't even tell me when the local church had casino night.  :( not even for a superbowl kind of pool thing. damn him!  :-)

(they changed my prescriotions agin ad now not only do i take oxycontin (the extended release type stuff for the cancer pain), but they put me on two other meds for pain too - for "breakthrough" type pain.  the new pain meds dr. gave me also dilaudid and mepergan fortis for this type f pain.  trouble is it makes me drowsy in any combination other than just taking the oxycodone along with phenergan as i have for over a year and a half.

also, the problem i face now is that since i now have seizure activity which i am being treated for, the meds may increase my seizure activity.  yuck. 

but flying is nice.  at least being able to smile and do stuff without feeling terrible just waking up is a tremendous relief.


well, i am off to dream of ignazio.  ciao bebe,  :-)
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