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earlier tonight, before my bf returned home from his working to support my sick ass... i was im'ing my ex husband, and being kind of bitchy about it since we were im'ing about the tax issue which would net him over 3 grand. (for an amenended return).

last year, as far as halloween is concerned, here in houston, my bf and i painstakingly went out on reconnaissance and resupply and ended up obtaining a ton of halloween stuff to decorate, and lure children into our tawdry web of halloweeny sort stuff in order to get them to get candy into their bags or plastic pumpkins or mall shopping bags to be consumed to drive their parent's or guardians nutt with their sugar highs. to no avail.

of course, then, last year, we only had this many visitors...
Z E R O.
Z I P.
N O N E.
children, adults or anyone. not even the pesky neighborhood squirrel who always steals our bird food, even though we buy him (the pesky squirrel) deer corn and/or other squirrely sort of treats to prevent him from taking the more expensive hulled safflower or sunflower seeds we get for our feathered friends.

since i ate the pixy stix (as mentioned in a previous post) over a week ago, and to no avail trying to make my 6 ft tall sort of skinny lately kind of body looking anyting like a pixy....

tonight, my bf had purchased, on the way home, on my orders as a former officer, about 5 bags of premium halloween candy, the full sized hersey bars, a large bag of individual packages of 2 full sized reese's peanut butter cups, a bag of wonka nerds candy boxes and also, finally, one large bag of safety pops, the ones with paper string kind of things to hold onto that kids shouldn't (unless really trying and/or not being watched, choke on them. (my favorite behind pixy stix). he had to et them on the way home as we are too tempted by the sweet stuff here and he is diabetic.

as i was saying, i was on the net im'ing my ex about the lack of filing taxes, also asking about preference of munsters or the adam's family.

my bf, bless his soul, is watching the news or something and asking me about stuff i have no clue about, like where the local service station to work on a manifold hose conectors. (whatever the heck they are). i mean, i have no idea how to get anywhere besides the local dr office, the er, the local market or walmart (all just across the main road out of our development access road.)

then it happened...

well, as i was saying, i was on the net im'ing my ex, and messing with the bf telling him i thought there wa a place across from where he worked that would be able to fix witout replacing entire mainfold which would essentially mean replacing enteire vehicle...

and we hear what seems to be a commotion out on/in our ground floor apartment building hall. with our front door being fully and firmly shut. i went and opened the door, orange candy bowl in hands, and there they were... about 45 kids in a group showing up with their adult supervisor people after the communities' halloween party sort of activity we didn't get invited to since we do not have kids.

i was exicted. the year before last even with no trick or treaters, i was in an elderly person housing papartment building taking care of an elderly alzheimer's patient and we didn't get any trick or treaters there either - not even the older folks who thougth they were six or seven years old. sigh.

so with all the kids, i ran out of candy. :( i had to give out dollar bills instead at the end. thank goodness for the stash i keep in the tea bag canister he never looks in. (he being the bf). for the straglers at the end. it was sort of sad for the last little boy... he had a cute little super hero outfit that was a bit too big so he was tripping a bit on the legs, but i asked john (the bf) for a dollar bill from wallet as i ran ou tof hte 15 i had in the tea container and gave him that instead. you should have seen his smile. it was very cute and he said thank you very very much.

overall, i feel somewhat acccomplished as we set out to do exactly what we did. we got rid of al the candy, we made kids smile... and my bf and i didnt' have words for over an hour. hooray!
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