Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

i posted this before but some things never change. thank you macaholic

i have a recurring dream where i am in a group of pleasant but pot smoking people in a big people circle on a pretty, antique, predominately reds Persian hand tied rug. i am sure the antique, hand tied part totally escaped the majority of the pleasant but slightly less antique oriented than i was at the time being neighbors with the silly keno brother's family.

in the recurring dream, as they all with smiles on their faces, pass around an Indian water pipe and also a normal acrylic kind of bong of the day, around the big circle. as the pot is passed to me, i politely continually say "no thank you" and pass the bong or water pipe to the next person as was the custom of that group and that is the only group i ever even saw smoke pot as a group activity.

so then one pass of the smoking pot stuff, instead of passing the bong or water pipe, they are instead passing my smiling yet severed head. it is not upsetting to me, nor is it something that i dream as being anything other than pleasant. like, happy even.

and i am observing this whole thing, as if my head wasn't't severed. and there was no ickyness as normally associated with severed limbs unless done under sterotactic conditions in a hospital.

as i said, it has been a recurring dream, and i think i have posted about it before. yawn.
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