Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

risky business. wanna take bets?

in the am, or later this am, i am being brought to sc all expense paid by a former american legion commander. i have been awake all night i have ben doing stuff like laundry and cleaning the 'fridge, and more laundry and doing some sewing on the machine.... it literally takes me about 5 min to pack my clothing and personal effects for a week, i mean, .mil did teach me a few things...

they didn't, however, teach me to be able to communicate with the bf very well. this is unfortunate as there are many times over night or during the day when i would just like to be held or i would like to hold him, and he can't be bothered to get off the sofa and sit next to me which could lead to you know, doing other things. it normally takes 2 people working towards the same goal. but that would indicate being on the same team or at the very least sitting on the same non playing player bench.

i will be gone about a week. i can get the entire mom/court stuff dealt with and even do some stuff like playing a round of golf maybe or going to brookgreen gardens, one of my favorite places to take pics with digital camera. lots of american sculptures. and many rare, antique varieties of flora.

and acrosss business 17 from brookgreens spectacular entrance, there is huntington beach state park, and that contains atalaya, a spanish style residence built for mr. huntinton's sculptress wife and stunning views from many external vantage points. and even more from places designed to give guests and residents spectacular views of other things.

hopefully, my mom will be able to accompany my elderly friend and i to the brookgreen gardens. then we can take her out to lunch. (even if she is permanently out to lunch, if you get my drift). (how do you type a wnk?)

and i get some oral chemo drugs because i can't get off of them for trivial reasons and while i do not consider the real reason i m going "trivial" and i don't consider even the secondary reason trivial.

and when i was a kid, i thought that trivial meant stuff my grandmother would have our housekeeper or cook put on a trivet. trivial = worthy of a trivet. woohoo!

hopefully updates from sc or other places i go. and i hope to heck i don't have to fend off old guy, and i give him credit so far that he has arranged suitable separate lodging and this is a good sign he is not the typical DEM (dirty elderly man)and just a nice guy and fellow vet.

is anyone a member of the american legion on my f's list?
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