Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue


so we have been watching this little piggie for the past week...

why they call them pigs i have no idea. and i don't know if the little squeaks and stuff are his afraid noise or if they are his good sort of "purr" that his owners said he made when he was happy. he makes this squeak when i go near his box or scratch behind his ears and stuff. then sometimes he jumps straight up in the air. so i don't know if he is scared to death or if he is dancing happy. arrgh. if animals could just speak english or the language of their owners/caregivers, that would really help. wasn't the creator aware of this when he put creatures within our grasp?. instead of like, having us just eat oats and stuff. the creatures we would be killing for food could say "stop! i have kids at home!!" or something. or, "i wouldn't eat that if i were you".

he isn't really a pig (ie: swine). he is a rodent. arrgh. misnomer of the week that week?

so, his name is gordon or gordo for short. in case we didn't want to say the n. you know, that n is a difficult consonant. :P

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