Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

My morning shall go like this:

(I will WILL it to be)

I have an appointment for the new cat, to be groomed. He needs to be there by 7 AM, when they open.

This is because I need to be at the hospital/doctors office by 7:30, and this is about a half hour drive.

I have blood work scheduled first thing, then a field vision test, and then, an EEG. Blood work to check chemical levels, the vision test (I don't know why) and then the EEG because I have a neuro problem. Yeah, you could say that. Last time I had the EEG, I was NYU Medical Center and I had just had a lumbar puncture (oooh, spinal tap!) and all I could do was GAK. Gak as in vomit. Something about flashing lights and stuff at the time, combined with the fluctuation of spinal fluid pressure (as I had a leak), was enough to make me WISH I had sometime before had a hangover. It had to be better than that!

The last appointment is with the Neuro Opthalmologist. Err, last Neuro Opthalmologist I saw, I GAKED 3 times in his office. (when I had that lumbar puncture problem) Every time they would get me up from the hospital bed, and get me in a wheelchair, and escort me to the specialist office in an ajoining building, or, anywhere or anytime I would need to be up for more than about 5 minutes, I would GAK, and well, it was yucky. The Neuro Opthalmologist I saw at NYU looked like (more than a little) Gilbert Gottfried, dressed as Steve Erkle, minus the high waters. I felt terrible, every time I was in his office I would GAK and he or his staff would just get me trash can from under someone's desk. Once they were unprepared and it was just awful. :( I kept asking if I could get my own bucket, (emesis basin) but it fell on deaf ears. Wrong hospital I guess.

Then I need to rush home to meet the telephone installer. Now, I know I am not the brightest bulb on the planet, but when I call the phone company, to install a 2nd line, I expect that since I have the SAME phone company for BOTH LINES, as well as currently haivng DSL service with them, that the phone company will know that a) i HAVE DSL, b) I need DSL filters attached to that line, and c) they should send a tech that knows about DSL, which the last one did not.

Currently, my DSL is connected using a cordless jack thing from walmart. It works, but this is not ideal on several levels.

So I need a designated jack near the PC, just for DSL, and preferably, the 2nd line there as well (maybe one of those spiffy plates with 2 separate umm, jacks, because for some reason, the DSL filters do not allow me to access the prewired 2nd line. Wish me luck. Oh, and I need that 2nd line to work thoughout the apartment too, so that means another jack or two.

About a week ago, I got a letter from the Auditor in Myrtle Beach. They wanted me to pay for a truck I didn't drive for over a year. (The year I was in the hospital most of the time or out of state). The truck was just sitting, with expired tags, in my dad's driveway. (No, it was not up on blocks) Now the truck is registered here in Florida (really a simple procedure compared to Boston, MA, Providence, RI, Great Falls or Ashburn, VA, or of course, Myrtle Beach, SC. Serious, the longest it took me here was about 35 min from start to finish, including a VIN number inspection, AND selection of a vanity plate. This included the time waiting. (there WAS no wait time!)

So hopefully I will NOT fall asleep, if I do, I feel a 12 hour snooze approaching, and that will just ruin everything. Sigh.
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