Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

i got another cat. he is fluffy and looks a lot like the other one I got last week, with a bad hair day.

his name is sebastian. and he is very sneezy. he is on antibiotics, and he has had tons of hair clumps (mats) removed in the past few days. this wouldn't be so bad, but my tongue has all this cat hair on it, and i am having trouble speaking. kind of like, bleck! :P whomever said grooming cats was easy? surely they jest!

mostly, he likes to lie around on a bathmat, that i put down for him in front of the sliding door in the livingroom. and he likes the babyfood. i got him some icky babyfood meat. like lamb, turkey, chicken.... it stinks. but the worse it smells, the more he likes it. cat's don't eat unless they can smell the food, and since he has a cold, (bordatella, actually) he can't smell much.

i have to go out of town again. this is getting to be a drag.

well, that's about it i guess. yawn.

now gimme some shugah... or free fiffy.
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