Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

Oh, yeah, so when I was in Myrtle Beach recently, I had a waitress from Russia. She was about 18, and working at the local um, I forget if it was Denny's or something like that. (yeah, the best ever restaurants) I asked what kind of dressing they had, and she said "a bunch". I asked if they had Russian. (!!, they make RUSSIAN dressing? !!) Well, Sasha, yes indeed they do. I asked if she had heard of Italian, Greek, French, etc. "Oh, yes, we have Italian". So Sasha shall have a bottle of Russian dressing delivered soon.
I took her picture with my dining companion, (all 6'9" and 450? of 'im) and gave her the floppy.... so she could send it right away to her mom. If I still had it, I would have posted it here. Sasha said they had wrestlers in Russia, "Real Wrestlers". Woohoo. :)
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