Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

hi. i have a large open entry for the kitchen in the apartment, which is smack dab in front of the front door. i hate that people who visit see the kitchen first.

i put up a movable screen, but that isn't very nice either. also, the apartment has one of those half walls between the kitchen sink and the dining area.

what i was thinking is that i could make a large drapish kind of thing which could be attached around the top, around the two sides of the kitchen visable. i would take pics now, but things are an absolute mess. boxes and such all over, kind of like a bomb implode. everything is that white/off white every apartment building manager thinks tennants like, i guess. with a (shudder) beige wall to wall commercial job carpet.

i was thinking the drapery type thing woud not be ruffled or too pleated when hung, maybe more like a sheeting of muslin or muslin type fabric. what do you think? any suggestions appreciated, except those that say move. :)
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