Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

a day or so ago, i was contacted online by someone i hadn't chatted with in ages. i used to think he was rather interesting... interesting as in someone i might have dated, had we known each other in person.

alas, he lived in another state.

anyhow, he tells me his "fiance" died. i mean, that is really really totally tragic. i mean that. he says she had an aneurysm.

then within about 3 minutes, he hits me up for money. "did you ever donate your father's money to a charity"

i mean, come ON. i FEEL for the person... no one deserves to lose the one they love.

and i feel bad for him.

it is just, since i didn't even know he was ENGAGED or anything, and i don't know him in person at all, and stuff like that, the answer must be no.

he before asked me to ask around to help him find a tenured position in boston. i asked around. it didn't help. i didn't hear from him again until the other day.

does this sound cold hearted? mean? insensitive?

---- brain cancer girl

ps: please, no freaks.
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