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thank you for all your kind words about mr. basset.

this didn't ruin MY day, so i don't know WHY it would ruin YOURS.

i feel bad about the puppy, but there was nothing i could do for him, and he died in his sleep. he had a very good puppy life, since i adopted him at 6 weeks.

without doing a necropsy (or whatever they call a dog biopsy) my vet said he almost certainly had a heart defect.

the reason i posted HERE was because i aquired him at the same time i aquired the 3 dachshunds, and the golden retriever. they were together since they were all 5 or 6 weeks old.

this morning, my little black and tan male would not leave the side of the basket i put mr. basset in this morning. he is too small to get in, on his own, so he just sat there and cried/whined.

mr. basset and the dachshunds would go in the crate together, on their own, and sleep in the same dog bed thing. my weenies all thought, i think, that he was just a funny looking dachshund.

people i met over the summer read this journal sometimes. i met them at the dog park i took my puppies to. since that is in another state, this journal is a fun way to keep them posted.

i am going to call the people i got mr. basset from. they seemed very nice, and honest, and i think they would want to know about this. i don't want another dog, i just want them to know i won't be sending anymore pics of him.

when i was at the vets and animal park earlier, to have him cremated, i met a lady who also had 3 dachshund. she wanted to know if i would sell her one, and i said "NO!!!" :) they are my babies! i told her she could visit or they could visit with her, (like a foster grandma) but i couldn't part with them. :) she told me she felt the same way about hers.
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