Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

off to st. pete's for a sail expo today.

things have been kind of confusing/exciting lately.

new guy is really really sweet. not in a gay way, but in a genuine, caring way. makes me rethink game plan.

don't quote shakespeare, keats, and rappers in the same 2 minutes. it tends to make people think too much.

i shouldn't over analyze this situation. i am, but i shouldn't. isn't it fun, don't i feel giddy.

i would like nothing more than to run off with new guy and forget about things. impractical... yet enticing. it won't happen, but it is fun to think about it.

there is something to be said about dating someone in the same area code.

there should be some rule about online dating though. unfortuntely, i emailed new guy's roommate 3 weeks before i met new guy. he never responded, and when i met him at dinner last weekend, i did not recognize him. he also did not recognize me, but then yesterday, when i get an email update of "matches" in my area, i notice a strong simularity between the guy on the bottom of my list, and the new guy's roommate. then i use my powerful deduction skills and say "hmmm, name on list is similar to email name of new guy's roommate" and it is very similar to the screen name of someone i emailed before. ooops. well, no foul, no error i guess. and the email i sent only said "maybe we could be friends" and not something like "i wanna have yer babies" or whatever...

with my background i think it better to date retired (but not old) army captain, instead of EMT chef. EMT chef and i could be friends, he is a hoot, but i could tell at sunday dinner last weekend that EMT chef was more interested in exotic dancer types or something. girls who ride on backs of harleys and have tattoos.

oh, and well, i wouldn't even meet someone if i didn't get a response, you know? and sometimes you can go out and meet say, 10 people, and only one might have that chemistry thing.

and i fell hard for his roomate. i mean, i was smooching on 2nd date. so i am baaad kitty.

i am just hoping new guy's roommate doesn't have the same epiphany. i asked new guy if we should just tell him, but he said not now. since new guy and i are kind of hot and heavy and all that with smooching and stuff. he says i am an excellent smoocher. excellent at smooching. but the thing about smooch, is that it takes two.

and i only smooch one guy at a time, and oh, only with guys i am attracted to. and i wasn't attracted to the roomate, other than thinking he had a nice smile and stuff. but you know, looks aren't everything, and well, there's chemistry with new guy. and i'm not about to give up chemistry. hehehe.
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