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dear diary,

this evening has not been so great.

it wasn't so awful really until just recently,
when i had this epiphany,
that there is not
person on this
who loves me.

well, besides
that is.

my dad loved me. i know that with every ounce of my being.

but there is not one shred of evidence to support that my mother, brother or other family members love me.

or other various
human life
in various
past or present.

this makes euphoric feel really fatigued. and sad. and not in a good melancholy way.

i think i should go to bed now.


there are some people i love or have loved.... mike poirier, brad greenberg, my mom, my nephew, my ex, matt rinella, claudia binzer, colleen reagan, jay riddell, mike duchnycz... pettengill, and of course gary dalton. my dad, my grandmother, and all those kids i took care of when i was in school and working as a nanny.
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