Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

i was fortunate enough to sit through district court yesterday, waiting on someone to plead guilty of a felony.

while i was there, i was amused by the following:

a reference to the "runaway pappy act" (for child support)

a reference to a "dilapidated house in a dilapidated condition"

the above 2 were referenced in the SAME case. the accused, a 19 year old mother, was charged with abuse of a child, because the child was in a "dilapidated house, in a dilapidated condition". she testified that the infant, 8 weeks was currently placed in a foster home with the accused mother. (the mother is a licensed foster care mom in south carolina) hmmm... do you think someone with a messed up daughter already should be foster mommying other people's kids? i think not. but what do i know?

a reference to a certain captain marvel... that was because the defendant was someone aquainted with a person with the last name marvel, who is currently still at large, who is largely responsible for the problems the accused faced.

and then, on a sadder note, there was a 30 year old man, charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor, who plead guilty, which will place him on the sex offenders list in that state. he had sex with his fiance's 15 (almost 16) year old sister, (the age of consent there is 16) when he was 29. the now convicted 30 year old sex offender is still engaged to the victim's sister, with whom he has a in infant daughter. he wsa given 30 days, (to be served weekeds) because he works at maryland fried chicken, which is managed by the same woman who rents the enaged couple a mobile home in the same mobile home park she also manages. they all (victim, victim's sister, fiance-sex offender, victim's mom) used to live together, until the unfortunate meretricious relationship. the victim in this matter has sought counseling, has dropped out of school, has been in a mental hospital... very sad indeed. i was glad the mom was there with her daughter (the victim) and that they are woking this out.

where is jerry springer? he should send his producers to south carolina and have them sit in a few cases here and there, and i am sure they would be happy with the results.

also, my brother looks like johnny "x". johnny x is the half or step brother of a person accused of taking municipal equipment to move some lumber that was on his property temporarily because of some road construction. it was a bucket loader or something. so he was accused of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. i had trouble figuring out if the person was also charged previously with "cdd" or "cdv". which i am unfamiliar with. the judge was more interested in the previous convictions. cdv in boston was criminal domestic violence.
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