Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

CA 3rd Strike

today i had the pleasure of speaking to a person in a california jail. let's just say it is somewhere in LA, and the charge is not a felony.

actually, the charge is petty theft.

unfortunately, california is a 3 strikes state. since the above referenced was convicted of rape, and combined withsome other crime previously committed, served over 10 years. he is being held on the 3rd strike currently. he is at a jail somewhere in say, valencia. these 2 convictions, which he pleaded giuitly to, are about 15 years old.

it is my personal opionion, that the 3rd strike should only be applied if the 3rd crime is a felony. and even, with prison overcrowding, maybe even reserved for violent felonies.

to further complicate things for this individual, he was still on parole.

add to that his race. now i hate to bring race into the discussion, but i don't know too many people who would argue that there is a huge discrepency between the blacks and whites incarcerated. or the consequent sentencing disparity. sigh.

and it is sad to think that because he took 2 c clamps, valued at approximately 35 bucks, he may, very well likely, spend 25 more years in a california prison.

the choices people make. make me shudder.

and he won't be home for Christmas.
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