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fuck, fuck, fuck.

ouch. ouchie. ouch.

i arrived home to a darkened doorway, which has been that way since before christmas.

the management company has been notified about the problem, and has done nothing, as far as i can tell to fix it. the lighting fixture is still hanging from it's electrical wires, hanging down from the side of the building outside my doorway. if the lights are off in my apartment, near the front, the entire outside area is darker than dark.

i am in the ground floor apartment, in the central part of the building. that means the entry way, without lighting, is like a cave. on either side there are external walls, and the staircase for the apartments above make a canopy or roof. so it really is pretty dry under there, and no light comes through from above.

so i came home, and i slipped on a newspaper that has been delivered earlier in the day. the paper was in a plastic bag (green). you know, the bags they put the papers in so they don't get wet or blow all over or whatever. but those suckers are really slippery.

so i now i have a head injury (concussion) and some pulled ligaments and things in my bad ankle.


and i am currently, highly medicated. a couple of tylox and something else they gave me a shots or two of. had an mri and xrays and stuff.

i do believe i will notify the management company of the accident, and have my attorney do the same.
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