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uh, awhile ago i joined i've had some really good dates, and chatted with some really nice people, and then there are these other ones... i SWEAR i wonder what rock they crawled from under.

now let's see... THIS (what follows) was a response i had in my inbox. i just screwed up my name, because i don't want y'all checking my profile. and his is just creepy.

To: eu66 (
From: tomorrow97 (

I want to meet you at your place. Would that be ok? I'm lonely and I want to
touch you.

now mind you, i have never, ever heard from this guy before. so i reported him. and then blocked him.

if i had dated this guy, and we were smooching and stuff before, it woudn't be so bad, but good grief!!!! :P

i doubt this guy will be touching anyone but himself. :P
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