Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

guy rant number 745.5, subsection twelve

if BRADY were on the phone, (which BRADY was) and didn't get off, it wasn't MY responsibility to be the ref. BRADY is a grown man. BRADY was a captain, no? in the army, and BRADY can't manage BRADY'S time better? blame someone else, bucko, it wasn't all me.

granted, i was HALF the equation, but not the total. YOU, par'dner, were the OTHER HALF. same thing with the "dates." i didn't MAKE BRADY stand outside my truck and cry about his mom. or talk to me about sailing. or any of the other multitude of things BRADY and i did TOGETHER. i didn't MAKE BRADY kiss me in the parking lot, or at the sail expo, or i didn't MAKE BRADY hold my hand at restaurants, or films. in my opinion, no one, NO ONE tells or MAKES BRADY do anything.

BRADY mentioned his wife played BRADY like a violin or fiddle or something. well, i bought what BRADY was selling ME.

i wasn't there obviously bothering BRADY all that time by myself. or i guess anything other than what BRADY wanted was trivial and/or out of the question.

i was willing to back off, not cease any and all contact.

and wednesday, BRADY IM'd ME. i didn't IM him first. i was nice enough to respond.


but that doesn't mean i forgot what BRADY did. or what hand *i* had in the demise of said relationship. thank you, but i had a month and a couple weeks of enough self hatred and stuff, along with BRADY'S various emails, to remind me of just what an awful human being i am.

i asked that BRADY and i see each other sometime over this weekend. guess that was out of the question.


brady was hurt that i said "screw you then" or whatever. awww, brady can say "ejaculate" and think it's cute, but i can't type "screw you" because BRADY is so sensitive. or brady can type "smell you later" and also think THAT is cute. or brady can call a woman "sandy peaks" or "sandy bottom" and not see how demeaning that is.

hey, well, i am more than breasts and and a piece of ass.

relationships of any type are based on a complex of variable elements and/or factors. we are all responsible for only our own actions, however, other people are affected by our actions and REactions. if we weren't, none of these hurtful emails would have any effect on either BRADY or me.

the only thing one REALLY owns is time. and we are all only allowed a certain amount of it in our lives. please make yours a pleasant and positive journey. let go of the hate.

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