Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue


I would like to say that the past day or so has been sad.

i am very upset about the puppy dying.

i want to tell you all the "breeder" has been made aware of the problem the little guy faced - parvo and hookworms.

i was kind of wondering if maybe the breeder introduced some new dog or dogs to their kennel and infected the other ones? it IS a possibility.

i have never been to their facility, so i have no idea how clean or well managed it is.

my friend who purchased the puppy for me has not been there either. he got the pup for me sight unseen.

like i keep saying, though, is that the dog WAS checked by first one vet for entry to florida. then by MY vet on monday. BOTH vets tested for parasites and stuff. i was told that my dog,, and others in the litter were given an ok. i trust my vet here, he is a good doctor,

i am going to call the other vet clinic again and tell them the dog was positive for parvo. i will most likely wait until a bit later this afternoon, because maybe my vet will call the other vet the breeder uses. or at least i will have the labs in front of me when i call, and i can fax them that if they have ANY questions. you know?
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