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so lately i have been feeling a bit punky. since i fell and hit my head and stuff.


i hate it when you go to the dr. for a follow-up appointment and then they call an ambulance to bring you to the hospital.

then the damned paramedics try to start an iv several times. and fail. but they tried and failed until i said "enough already."

and i didn't even NEED an ambulance.

i drove myself today and yesterday, although yesterday i was late, so i was rescheduled for today. so i drove both days because the cab was late both days.

actually, i have been driving since i fell and hit my head.

so the dr.'s office simply could have called a cab instead. i wasn't like, bleeding out or anything. or if i have been, i have been for the past month and a half.

so at the moment i am highly medicated on some kick ass stuff.

and i had "dinner" at waffle house. meh.

oh, and the er nurse that discharged me finally i thought looked a bit like jahtribe, with blue cat eye glasses. i swear she had a necklace like hers and looked like her too. :)

i have become comfortably almost numb. :/
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