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Saint Patrick, Irish Hero

Born: c. 385
Birthplace: Bannavem Taberniae, Britain
Death: c. 461
Best Known As: Ireland's favorite saint
St. Patrick is revered by Catholics for establishing Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century AD. The precise dates and details of his life are unclear, but some points are generally agreed: as a teen he was captured and sold into slavery in Ireland, and six years later he escaped to Gaul (now France) where he later became a monk. Around 432 he returned to Ireland as a missionary and succeeded in converting many of the island's tribes to Christianity. Late in life he wrote the brief text Confessio detailing his life and ministry. His feast day, March 17, is celebrated as a day of Irish pride in many parts of the world.

A popular folk tale says that St. Patrick chased all snakes from Ireland, but there is no historical basis for this story... Another folk tale, that he used shamrocks to teach about the holy Trinity, is also generally agreed to be a myth... In Gaelic the saint's name is Padraig.

His Own Account (Confessio)
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